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Oh look I have found the sentai comm on DW this is best.


here at [community profile] graphitiaru

Thanks for looking!
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Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
Acts 17-18
"Sushi Samurai" / "Samurai Promotion"

Where's all the commentary on this, folks? It's one of the key arcs of the series!

Behind a 'bara', because spoilers hurt. )

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Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
Act 16
"Kuroko Power"

The really superficial nature of this series is starting to show, I think. The characters are endearing enough, and everything is pretty and cheery, but we're getting really shallow plots. And what's the point to having Takeru be so stern and uptight without a deep, emotive subplot to back it up? Instead of seeming like someone with a heavy burden to carry, he's starting to just come across as someone who can't have fun...

One question: is anyone else finding it a bit jarring that around half the time the Shinkengers attack Gedoushuu who haven't actually done anything wrong? They seem to have the attitude that they should be destroyed no matter what, but this episode's Ayakashi didn't do anything wrong (as far as we could tell) until he was attacked. Given that many previous sentai series have shown at least one villain who actually turned out to be a pretty nice guy when given half the chance, does this bother anyone else? They haven't done anything in the series to establish an innate evilness in the Gedoushuu, yet.

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[personal profile] zheddy makes soft toys.

She made me a ShinkenGreen as a very early birthday present. She's now halfway through making a ShinkenRed for me, too.

I figured I'd share. So without further ado, I hotlink without consent to:

Image behind the cut. )
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Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
Act 15
"The Impostor and Real Deal's Big Catch"

I've only got a few thoughts on this one, but hopefully they'll prompt at least as much discussion as last time!

Tell me how much you agree with my points! ;-)

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The first clear look I got of ShinkenGold is on this cover:

Cast Prix


(Sorry if I'm spamming the comm too much. -_-;)
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Since this community hasn't seen much use, yet, I figured I'd post my thoughts here rather than at my own journal as a prompt for broader discussion. Up first is:

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger
Act 14
"The Foreign Samurai"

And where was Rescue Fire during all this, might I ask?

Behind the cut for the benefit of those who haven't seen it yet. )

So, what did you all think? More so than any other, this Act raised a lot of interesting questions that extend to issues of morality, virtue and life far beyond the realms of samurai heroics!
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