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Title: Midnight Rendezvous
Series: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Pairing: Joe/Gai (Established but kinda not?)
Summary: Joe gets a nighttime visitor. Could be based around episodes 31-32.
Note: Special thanks to Spidey for helping me out.

Joe wasn't sure when it started. If he really thought about it, which he didn't, it would of had to be around the time they met that kid on the mountain.

"Joe and I are pretty compatible!"

An offhand comment. One he didn't think much about.

He rolled over in his bed, finding another body in his personal space. Ikari Gai's face was up close, his eyes shut and mouth wide open. A sigh threatened to overcome the blue space pirate, but Joe willed it down, obviously not intending on moving the other man from his bed.

He had lost count now, of how many times Gai had climbed into his bed late at night, especially after a harsh battle. When he first questioned the other man, Gai only insisted that they were compatible before nestling between the covers.

There was a groan from the other side of the bed, the Earthling rolling over so that an arm draped over Joe's torso. From there, Joe could plainly see bandages wrapped around the others' exposed arm.

His eyes narrowed as he looked at the healing limb.


Not that the rest of the crew wasn't unharmed, Joe himself didn't get out of that battle unscathed. Even from where he lay, he could still feel some choice bruises already formed over his body.

Fingers griped into a fist over his chest, as mumbling surfaced from the other member in the bed, "Hoji-san~ We're pros." A grin spread over Gai's face as he moved closer, burying his face against Joe's shoulder so he could only hear something about autographs.

Joe let the other man cuddle closer, though he wouldn't say they were cuddling, his opposite arm coming up and resting upon Gai's head. He gave it a small pat before closing his own eyes.

It was easier to fall asleep now, much more than when Gai's rendezvous first began.


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